• About 3D Seamless Knitwear

    We exclusively use the new technology of 3D seamless knitwear. Similar to the process of 3D printing, our products are knit entirely by one machine.

  • Zero Textile Waste

    In traditional cut-and-sew knitwear approximately 35% of the yarn is wasted in the cutting process, but with 3D seamless knitwear all of the yarn goes directly into the garment.

  • Anti-Assembly Line

    Sewing is back breaking work, and sewing assembly lines have long been synonymous with unethical labour practices. We want to move away from the industry's reliance on exploitative work.

  • North American Production

    Our products are proudly designed in Montreal, Quebec and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York. By keeping our production local, we are significantly reducing our use of fossil fuels.

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