Emilie Flöge

We created the 'Emilie' dress in honour of Emilie Flöge. A member of the Vienna Secession along with Joseph Maria Olbrich, she built a career as a successful avant-garde fashion designer. She was known for her striking prints and loose-fitting clothing styles at a time when the majority of women’s clothing was highly restrictive.

Emilie in the Garden of Villa Oleander, Lake Attersea, 1907.

Emilie Dress
Eileen Gray's

E-1027 Villa

We our continually inspired the history of modernist design & architecture. The Villa Dress is a nod to the casual elegance of Eileen Gray's vacation home on the Côte d'Azure. Ms. Gray was an architect, furniture designer, and pioneer of modernist design in the early 20th century. Built c. 1926, the recently restored main living space is pictured here.

Villa Dress