As an ethical brand, we want you to know exactly what goes into your garment so you can better understand its value. Opaque pricing allows for inflated markups, low production costs, and ultimately, worker exploitation. We want to move away from this fashion industry model. 

FAQ: If ethical fashion brands offer a lower markup, why are they often more expensive?

Our production prices are higher because we believe in paying garment workers a living wage. We also use sustainable, high quality yarns that cost more in the short term, but will last forever when cared for properly. 

We ask you to think about *dollar per wear* value when purchasing our clothing. We design our clothes so that you can wear them for years to come.

In fast fashion in particular, the production costs are low and the markup is extremely high. For example, a product that costs $10 to make will usually be priced between $40 and $50. This means you are paying a price that is 4 - 5 times the production cost and getting a very low quality product for your dollar. 

By comparison, we markup as little as possible, because we don't believe in inflated prices.

What goes into the making of a garment?

A great deal of labour goes into the making of each and every garment. This is something that fast fashion wants you to forget. 

Production Cost: Sustainable Yarn, Developer Time, Machine Operator Time, Knitting Time, Labeling & Finishing, Logistics and Packaging.

Company Cost: Designer Time, Sampling, Shopify Hosting, Marketing, On-Demand Platform (We pay a base yearly rate for On-Demand 3D-Knit Ordering).